Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Medicine and Economics

This will be my first rant (uh post) on this blog. I am hoping that we can delve deeper into the taboo subject of money and healthcare in a public forum. I am generally of the opinion that there are laws under which the world operates. Just as there are laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and nature, there are also laws of economics. I believe that in the healthcare industry (An industry that constantly deals with life and death) that these basic laws are often overlooked or ignored completely. This has brought about a bizzare system, wrought with shortages, that is progressively offering worse care at a rising price. Though this is handled differently in different countries, this is a definite trend all over the world, leading to excessive waiting and limited healthcare choice in countries such as Canada and the UK, while causing huge cost bloating and limited healthcare access in the United States.

After this post, I intend to post possible solutions. My e-mail is available publicly, and any well written dissenting opinions may be published as well. I am also hoping for a good debate in my replies section. I hope to include individuals with diverse backgrounds, with experiences outside of the medical system as well. If you work in Medicine, Law, Business, Economics, Anthropology, or any other discipline that uses or studies money or healthcare, your opinions are welcome here.


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